About Us

Level headed leadership providing top consultancy service

Rajesh Shethia Consultants is a premier team of experts providing the best of recruitment solutions for excellence. Our enriched experience in recruitment makes us most instrumental job consultancy in finding right candidates for your organization. We find you exactly what you look for because we analyse and evaluate the DNA of every potential candidate.

We check their skills, competencies, motivations, compatibility factor and also gauge their scope of longevity.Established in the year 2014, the Rajesh Shethia Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a recruitment consulting firm based in Bangalore, with connections across India. It has been founded by Rajesh Shethia and Punita Shethia.

They are the boatswain of this celebrated job consultancy in Bangalore.Extensive and hence enriched experience of working in different sectors encourages us to actively operate in majorly BFSI, FMCG, E-commerce, and Education besides other sectors. We are fortunate enough to have the fine experience, profound understanding, and industry connections. It helps in finding the right workforce to spearhead the ‘success blueprint’ drafted by you.

It’s a pleasure to effectively address the requirements of our clients’ most difficult business issues and this makes us the best consultancy in Bangalore. More than 90% of our engagements come from returning clients or referrals; we take pride in our successes. Every client we have worked with is different and so has varied our engagement with them but every time our focus has been on generating impact for our clients.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

– Pablo Picasso


We see Rajesh Shethia Consultants at the most reliable, customer friendly and cost-efficient solution for Talent recruitment, for companies in all our operating domains. We strive to remain the top consultancy in Bangalore.


We aim to fish out the most suitable ‘talent’ for your company, to catalyse your objective to achieve the targeted business growth.


Success is teamwork. The dynamic operations and consistent success of this firm have been possible because of the high-octane leadership of its founders – Mr Rajesh Shethia and Mrs Punita Shethia. They are on their way to create another milestone with the launch of Sales World.

Rajesh Shethia
Managing Director

The Rajesh Shethia Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been co-founded by Mr Rajesh Shethia and is the Managing Director of this company. He brings on board his 17 years of experience working in multiple industries for business development and marketing. Before forming this company he successfully operated as Associate Vice President and Senior Vice President in a number of companies valued as market stalwarts. With the objective of delivering quality and result-oriented talent recruitment services for corporates, he started the Rajesh Shethia Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2014.

Punita Shethia
Co-Founder & Chief Success Officer

Mrs Punita Shethia is a co-founder and Chief Success Officer of the Rajesh Shethia Consultants Pvt. Ltd. She is equipped to offer the best of leadership with her Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs from IIM–Bangalore. Punita plays the central role in defining and implementing the plans. She is instrumental in helping clients in realizing our effectiveness. She is actively working on improving our performance and keep us motivated for the same.

The 4 key principles of our approach

A philoshphy of evidence, not opinion

We identify a challenge and face it head-on and abstain from prejudice or any preconceived notions. Our recommendations are strongly based on facts and verified by experience.

World-class analytical capability

When it comes to offering the right solutions, we invest our resources in detailed research and extensive analysis. We strongly adhere to the dynamics of our clients’ organization to deliver the outcome. Our efforts are directed at providing you the best recommendations and not merely numbers.

Rеаl-world expertise

Mere theories don’t work in getting you the best workforce. So we have a team of experts who bring their extensive and ‘real-world’ experience on board to succeed in hiring right candidates for you.

Collaborative working style

We believe in team-work; working hand-in-hand with our clients to co-create effective solutions and stay motivated on our commitment and evolve in the process.


  • We are focused on recruiting candidates who are most relevant for the company.
  • We have a large internal database of best candidates across industries.
  • We have industry connects in metros as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities.
  • Our team is best equipped with experience and skills to identify the best talent and present it.
  • We have enriched industry expertise
  • We have unmatched speed in recruiting right candidates and ensure your operations are not stalled for not finding candidates
  • We have a proven track record
  • Invest in our services for maximum return on your investment.