Our Hiring Process

Effective recruitment is to hire the most productive team.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” – Jim Collins

When it comes to success of an organization, a brilliant workforce is its key. Even the best of strategy may fail in translating to success if you don’t have a complimenting team. It’s here that we seek to assist you. We help you in the recruitment and selection process to find teams that boost your productivity. Our executives form a profound understanding of your objectives and expectations from your team. Accordingly, we filter out the most suitable candidates from our talent pool.

We have a broad network spanning across India and abroad, reach and goodwill relation with noted names in varied industries, and a large pool of qualified and skilled candidates. This integrated system of recruitment and selection is based on our familiarity with respective industries, perfectly in sync with its latest trends and Human Resources. Profound knowledge of the local markets helps us in offering more accurate recruits. We believe in five point hiring process, it has never disappointed us.

Bringing the Best on Board with 5 Point Hiring Process

Need Analysis

  • Understand the organization
  • Know your objectives and budget
  • Draft vivid description job requirements
  • Prioritize them

Research & Connect

  • Knowledge hunt with advanced technology
  • Become friends with potential candidates
  • Rely on professional networking sites and social media


  • Look for best talents through professional networking
  • Create candidate pool
  • Connect with them on a regular basis

Evaluation & Presentation

  • Evaluate a potential candidate in respect of specific organizational goals
  • Multiple rounds of interviews but quick and effective
  • Select candidate for your organization
  • Forward candidates to you with relevant records and data

Follow Up

  • Dedicated client support for joining new resources
  • Complete candidate support during the recruitment process
  • Non-disruptive communication to ensure a long-lasting collaboration

Segmented approach makes our recruitment process more effective and makes Rajesh Shethia Consultants, the best consultancy in Bangalore.